I've included a lot of information on this site and much of it deals with issues that some would say don't have a lot to do with being a City Council member.

I decided to run when the City Council ignored the pleas of approximately 100 citizens in attendence, regarding the regulation that masks must be worn at the Rec Center.When I saw this happen, I saw a CIty Council full of progressive-minded council members, that wanted masks to be worn by everyone and was more than willing to force that on Fairfield citizens that wanted to use the Rec Center but were eitherunwilling or unable to wear masks while exercising.
*Iowa Mask Regulations

it is these progressive tendencies to control other people's lives that concerns me. What other progessive concerns will they forster on our community? For example, there's vaccine mandates, additional mask mandates, gun control, and abusive regulations regarding "Climate Change." It is critical that we have a conservative voice on the City Council.

Political Preference Questionaire: Click to a Questionaire concerning your personal political beliefs and whether they tend to be conservative or progressive. I'm willing to bet that if you see yourself as a moderate republican, independent, or even aa traditional liberal, that responding to the questionaire will show that you are very close to being a conservative.

Position Papers: Click to seven position papers I wrote to clearly state what I stand for.

Free Copy of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Conservative Thought: Click here for a free PDF copy.

Miscellaneous Videos of Interest: Click to access nine Miscellaneous Videos of Interest.

To learn more about me, you can access my bio at: www.fregger.com/bio.htm

Below are copies of my campaign 3-fold and campaign lawn sign. These are available for anyone interested in my run for Fairfield, Iowa, City Council. Just email or message me.

Campaign 3-Fold Brad for City Council Campaign Lawn Sign


Are you a Conservative or a Progressive?

Conservative or Progressive?:
Questionaire - Full-Screen Video - Smaller Video - Podcast

The Conservative Response: Statements - Full-Screen Video - Smaller Video - Podcast

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Position Papers

1. Why I Won't Take the Jab: Paper - Video - Podcast

2. Why Masks?: Paper - Video - Podcast

Here are two links to two articles showing scientific, peer-reviewed,
research on the potential dangers of face masks:

Part 1: Face Masks for Children: Both Ineffective and Dangerous
Part 2: All the Tragic Potential Harms of Face Masks

3. Why the Second Admendment?: Paper - Video - Podcast

4. How's the First Admendment Doing?: Paper - Video - Podcast

5. How about Racism & Slavery?: Paper - Video - Podcast
Worldwide Racial Intolerance Map

6. Austria and the Nazis: Paper - Video - Podcast

This position paper is a bit different as I am playing a speech by Kitty Werthmann who
personally experienced the takeover of Austria by Hitler just prior to WWII.

I have edited the speech for both time and focus constraints.
It is available on YouTube if you want to hear the unedited version.

7. How about Climate Change?: Paper - Video - Podcast

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You are welcome to have a free PDF copy of my book,
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Conservative Thought.

Free Copy

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Miscellaneous Videos of Interest

Viruses vs. Masks
This is a very interesting video showing the dramatic difference between the
size of viruses and the size of openings in surgical and fabric masks.

This video gives the impression that masks are not a barrier to viruses because of the
dramatic size difference. However, viruses don't travel alone, they take a ride
on water droplets and that's where the controversy begins, because water
droplets have a very difficult time traveling through the masks.
Most research is focused on masks effectiveness at stopping
water droplets and there's a problem with this focus.

The issue isn't whether masks are effective in stopping water droplets, the issue is
how effective are masks in limiting the spread of the virus.

This can only be tested in real-life situations and that data shows clearly that states and
countries requiring masks are no more successful in limiting the spread of the virus
than states and countries that do not require that masks be worn. For example,
The Nordic countries as a group have very low death rates from the virus
yet less than 10 percent of their populations wear masks.

Death Culture - 2:01
A Black man discusses the "Death Culture" being perpetrated by the
Democrat Party and how it is harming children and destroying families.

"The left promotes a death culture, I said it and I meant it. They hate our children."

CRT (Critical Race Theory) - 0:59
In this short video a father and his daughter tell the world their
concern about teaching CRT to children, especially in schools.

"People should be judged for their character, not the color of their skin."

A Brief History of Slavery - 5:27
In th
is video Candice Owens narrates an animation showing the
true history of slavery, debunking the 1620 Project.

What she doesn't mention is that there are approximately 40 million people
entrapped in modern slavery in the world today.

MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL - 21:48
This video shows how masks and other forms of manipulation are used to create
complacency so that the people will welcome a totalitarian government.

Another tool in the progressive toolbox is fear. Creating an environment
where the people are fearful assures their compliance; they will
then accept whatever the government tells them.

Don't Take the Jab! - 3:33
In this video Dr. Sean Brooks, PhD shares a devastating summary of the
impact of "taking the jab" (the Covid Vaccines).

As I said, this is a devastating summary of what some medical professionals
are suggesting will happen to people who accept the Covid vaccines.

I'm including this video because I believe you have the right to hear the worst
case scenario
. Personally, I pray every day that this "conspiracy theory" is
wrong, I don't want to lose the many people that I care so much about.

Transcript of an Interview Clarifying and Expanding the Information Presented
in the Above Video: Corona Unmasked: New Facts and Figures

Again, I can't verify the veracity of this interview.
However, more and more experts are coming to the same conclusions.

Covid Whistleblower - 4:19 vvvvvvvvvvvVaccine Whistlerblower - 3:20
Abrien Aguirre and "Sarah" risk everything to expose the massive human fraud
that is being committed in regard to the Covid and Covid vaccine issues

How do we know these two "whistleblowers" are telling the truth, exposing a fraud that may be taking place throughout the United States. Essentially, who do we trust? Did these two people have anything to gain by sharing their stories?

Abrien lost his job and didn't even get his 15 minutes of fame as none of the mass media (even Fox) would trust a story making these accusations without total verification. Actually, if the story was supportive of the progressive agenda, the mainstream media would not have needed any verification at all.

Sarah truly had nothing to gain, her actual name, etc. was not given. Of course, those who are trying to shut down the whole Covid fraud, could have hired a compliant actor to spread these "lies" about the vaccinations. I doubt that they would go to that extent, since "Sarah's" story will not be well publicized; very few will even be aware of it.

How trustworthy has the WHO, CDC, and the Biden administration been?

1) They lied about Covid being a pandemic

This image shows the death tolls of worldwide diseases. Note that the Covid death toll is a tenth of the Spanish Flu even though the world's population was 1.8 billion in 1918 and it's 7.8 billion today. We have four times the population, yet only one-tenth the deaths (assuming all of our deaths were really covid deaths). With a pandemic every familly is hurt. With Covid, I know many people who don't know a single person who has died of Covid, Barbie and me included. Covid is not a pandemic; this was a lie.

2) They lied about where the virus originated.
3) They are lying about the danger of the virus for children. Their death rate from Covid is less than 1000th of a precent.
4) They are lying about the effectiveness of masks to limit the spread of the virus. Real world research has clearly shown that masks have relatively no impact on the spread of the virus.
5) They are lying about effective therapies that are cheap and readily available. While this information is censored in the United States, in India, Ivermectin, cured 97 percent of the Covid cases and the India WHO chief is on trail for his negative recommendations regarding Ivermectin.
6) They are lying to us when they say that for everyone to be safe, everyone has to be vaccinated. Science tells that if you are vaccinated it is impossible for you to catch the disease.That an unvaccinated person is of no danger to you. That's how we got rid of small pox, polio, etc,

It seems very clear that we have been lied to by governments and agencies that we should have been able to trust, without question.

For this reason, I must link to whistleblower testimonies, we need all the available data in order to make the personal decisions in regard to critical issues. As a Constitutional Conservative I am committed to freedom of speech and the ability of intelligent, capable people to make the best decisions for themselves and their familes.

I can't tell you why these governments and agencies would go to such an extant to keep critical information from the public. There are many possible scenarios from economic to population control. Drug companies want to make profit at any cost to society and individuals like Bill Gates and his cohorts are deathly afraid of over population and would like to see a billion people taken off Earth, in one way or another, as soon as possible.

Regardless, the Covid vaccine push is extremely questionable. We know that natural immunity works better, we know that their have been more extreme problems with these vaccines than all of the rest of the vaccines combined since the small pox vaccine was introduced, and we know that there are cheap, effective, readily availalbe therapies for anyone who happens to catch a serious version of the virus.

In this instance I will trust the whistleblowers over a government and other agencies and organizations that have contiually lied to us about numerous critical issues.

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