Psychological Viruses that Can Kill the American Dream
Brad Fregger

I have just discovered that we have two dangerous psychological viruses in our community. The first is very obvious to many of us and that’s the spread of the Progressive Movement, (which I think is) the antithesis of Maharishi’s teachings.

The second is still relatively hidden and that is a deep seated anti-Semitism and Holocaust denying illness. These dangerous belief systems are built on lies, misrepresentations, and evil innuendo.

Both have a seductive quality that enables some people to blame others for the problems in their own lives and the problems they see in society. These dangerous beliefs are a way to escape any responsibility for a world seeming to be going to hell in a handbasket.

Anti-Semitism is, of course, both evil and terribly misguided. I can fully understand hatred for the actions of Jews the like of Soros, Harvey Weinstein, or Jeffery Epstein. But to convict the Jewish race because of these evil individuals is just as bad as convicting all Muslims for the suffering perpetrated by evil Muslim Imams, or convicting all Christians for the horrors of those who led the Inquisition. This type of generalization is ignorant and, potentially, dangerous.

Psychological Viruses that Can Kill the American Dream

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