The Growing Potential of Chinese World Domination

The attached report, written from a deep concern for the future of America, describes the real potential of the Chinese to gain total world domination. This would include domination of all world governments and the future of humanity for many decades, if not centuries, to come.

The study was designed to demonstrate through research the steps the Chinese are potentially taking to accomplish this long-term goal. While the evidence is circumstantial (it is extremely difficult to determine another’s hidden agenda, let alone that of a nation), the evidence is, as you will see, extremely compelling.

The major steps China seems to be taking that the report covers in depth are:

  • Defeating the United States economically

  • Forming an alliance with Russia

  • Increasing their military capability

  • Enhancing their technology through whatever means possible

  • Cornering the world’s sources of cheap, reliable energy

  • Controlling the market for the world’s minerals and commodities

  • Creating international alliances and financial dependence wherever possible

  • Encouraging capitalism

  • Allowing compliant religious worship

  • Bringing iron-fisted, communist control to an ever-increasing geographical area

The research to support the contention of this report involved an in-depth study of news reports, articles, and research papers regarding Chinese political, social, and economic objectives. There were also conversations with experts on the potential of China for world domination. I am available to discuss this report with any interested person, group, or government agency.

To read the complete report, click here.