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The Effective Leader

In my opinion, it is only the Effective Leaders that will excel in this fast-changing business world. Effective leaders naturally create the innovative environments that have become critical to success. Traditional managers are focused on the status quo, which means that they tend to be obstacles to change and will, therefore, have an extremely difficult time managing the high rate of change that is going on around them.

Defining the Effective Leader:

An Effective Leader gets the job done in ways that increase the competence, confidence, and potential of the individual members of the team; while building an exceptional team that can accomplish the seemingly impossible (at least the extremely difficult), all to the long-term benefit of the organization.

Characteristics of the Effective Leader:

  • Understands clearly and is committed to the goals of the organization

  • Is highly ethical and trustworthy

  • Can recognize, recruit, and motivate the best people

  • Is able to build and maintain critical business and personal relationships

  • Knows how to create an environment where people can excel

  • Is genuinely curious about what and how others think

  • Is sensitive to cues concerning potential problems and opportunities

  • Lacks arrogance around problem-solving and decision-making

  • Is not afraid to make tough decisions but only after deep consideration

  • Is highly intuitive and not afraid to trust those feelings

  • Is extremely creative, not afraid to consider seemingly impossible ideas

  • Is willing to take risks

  • Embraces the unexpected

  • Accepts responsibility for one's actions (or inactions)

  • Is compelled to effective mentoring, eager to pass on skills and philosophies

  • Uses centering techniques for relaxation and heightened awareness