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Brad Fregger

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Agent Partners

Brad Fregger's talks, seminars, and workshops are coordinated through Superb Speakers (USA) and Projacs (International).

In addition, Brad gives pro bono (free) talks to local (Central Texas) service clubs and nonprofit organizations providing social services to individuals and families within the Central Texas area. He will also consider providing these same services to service clubs and organizations outside of the Central Texas area as long as travel expenses are covered. Those organizations interested in scheduling Brad for a luncheon or dinner keynote, should contact us directly.

Superb Speakers

Superb Speakers represents Brad Fregger for speaking engagements in the United States. Superb Speakers is a primary source for genuinely entertaining, authentic experts recommended and referred by clients world-wide. They excel in locating and securing the right speakers, within the clients budget, schedule, and topic.

Superb Speakers and Consultants
12407 Mopac Expressway North, #100-199
Austin, Texas 78758-2429

Projacs Training & Development Group

Since its inception in 1984, PROJACS established a first class reputation synonymous with quality and excellence in the field of training and development.

Projacs Training & Development Group has successfully conducted more than 600 programs and conferences for over 7000 professional attendees, resulting in Projacs now being one of the most successful training and development companies in the Middle East as well as  the world.

Projacs Training & Development Group represents Brad, on a non-exclusive basis, internationally, especially throughout the Middle East.


Tel: +971-4-3432 339
Fax: +971-4-3432 098

P.O. Box 93401, Riyadh 11673
Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 (1) 478-1261
Alt: +966 (1) 464-0345

Speaker, author, and much more ...

All content, except space images, copyright Brad Fregger. Space photos courtesy of NASA.