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Brad has authored, edited, and published over seventy books (including eBook versions), the vast majority through Groundbreaking Press. Groundbreaking Press is currently working with authors, helping them get their books ready for publication and then publishing them. Here is a complete list of the books edited and published:

Books Edited and Produced

Messages of Hope by J. Bruce Coleman
The Word Made Fresh by Steve Harrington
Body Friendly Golf  by Dr. J. Darcy Dill  
The Year the Music Died  by Dwight Rounds
Nonprofit Public Relations Toolkit  by Debbie Mason

1st World Library, dba Groundbreaking Press (most current first)

Gabriel's Watch: Book One of the Scrapman Trilogy by Noah Fregger
Exceptional Customer Care by Dominique Ntirushwa
Gandhi Betrayed My People by M. K. Debnath
Hidden: Liliana’s Story of Survival by Thau Liliana Chuwis
Why Does Anybody Believe in God: An Essay on Creation by Brad Fregger
Transcript of 1980 Magda Herzberger Interview by the Wisconsin Historical Society by Magda Herzberger
I promise to … by Marnie Hart

Get Out of the Way!: You'll Never Manage Yourself to Great Leadership

by Brad Fregger

My Thinking Cap:  Solutions for Global Crisis

by Brad Fregger

Maestro My Ass!: How We Got into This Mess

by Michael Ashton

Heroes and Survivors: Personal Experiences of the Texas City Disaster

by Allan Pevoto


by Magda Herzberger

You Can’t Fall of the Floor

by Ralph M. Smith
Born into the Enemy Camp by Carol Conway
Wickhead's Guide to Verbal Gusto by Jim Kelly
Making Up Amelia by Marjorie Smith
If You Truly Love Me by Magda Herzberger
Detour Ahead!: Wit and Wisdom in Life's Crises  by Lynda G Cleveland  
Creative Odyssey: Mind, Body, Spirit  edited by Tara G Coste  
Frimps, Smiles, and Twinkles  by Loren Bryant  
Momentum: A Model for Motivation ... by Lynda G. Cleveland  
Justly Accused  by Jerry Silverberg  
Legal Vengeance  by Allen Tanner  
We the People  by Pamela Ackerson  
Tales of the Magic Forest  by Magda Herzberger  
The Waltz of the Shadows - Second Edition  by Magda Herzberger  
Devotional Poetry  by Magda Herzberger  
Are We Creative Yet?  by Employees of Dupont  
Why Did This Happen to Me Again?  by Janette Marie Freeman  
Conflict to Cooperation  by Garry McDaniel  
2020: A Season to Die  by Jim Damiano  
Survival  by Magda Herzberger  
Eblis  by Barbara Hoskin  
Bluelip  by Mark Robbins  
Choices  by Ferne Shepard Strauss  
All's Quiet on the Tennessee River  by Patricia Paris  


Desert Skies II: A Story of "Warriors " … by Michael T Gregory  



Mapping Information Technology ... by Fred Mapp  



Why Publish?  by Brad Fregger  



Expatriate  by Douglas Robinson  



The Trip Back  by Kenneth Clarke  



Douglas House  by Gerald A. Collins  



The Courage to Lead  by Robert A. Floyd  



Damned to Heaven  by Bob Mahoney  



Thinking Strategically Within Nonprofits  by Michael S. Dore  



Thinking Strategically Within Your Company  by Michael S. Dore  


  The CEO Handbook by Steve Wagh  


One Shovel Full  by Brad Fregger  



Get Things Done  by Brad Fregger  



The Spiritual Side of Sarah  by Patricia Paris  


  America's Highest Destiny by Roger Plunk  
  As Best We Could  by Jean Marie McLain  


Lucky That Way by Brad Fregger


Speaker, author, and much more ...

All content, except space images, copyright Brad Fregger. Space photos courtesy of NASA.