Lighting Candles
Barbara E. Foley

In a dream I stood alone before an altar
Gazing upon one unlit candle,
And wished that I might give it light. 

Magically in that very instance the candle lit!
Were my eyes playing tricks on me?
I leaned forward and blew out the flame. 

Again, I wished that I might light the candle
And to my delight, immediately it caught fire.
I laughed like a child, and blew out the light.

Yet a third time I wished to make the candle glow,
And a third time the candle burned bright,
Obeying my command and filling me with wonder.

In that still moment I knew my power
And awakened to days of walking on clouds
Remembering the joy of lighting candles with my eyes.

Copyright 1996, Barbara E. Foley. All rights reserved.

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