The Spoiled Lion

by Noah Fregger

There once was a family of lions, a mother, father and two sons. When the lion parents died the older brother took charge and the younger lion began working for him, hunting and catching food. The lion worked all day and only got the scraps of meat when his older brother was done eating.

Years passed while the younger lion hunted and fetched for his older brother. Then one night the forest was attacked by hundreds of tigers. "C'mon" the lion shouted to his brother, "let's get out of here!" The older brother tried to get up and run, but he was too fat and weak to move very quickly. But, the younger lion had become strong and fast from all the work he had done throughout the years.

The tigers were now only a short distance away and had surrounded the lions. The younger brother, realizing there was no way out, leapt onto the back of the nearest tiger and screamed his fiercest roar. The tiger was so scared and surprised he froze. In that instant the lion leapt to the back of another tiger yelling all the while. He continued this leap-froging until he jumped off the back of the last tiger and ran from the forest. When he was safe he turned and looked to see if his brother was following. But, he was not.

The lion thought for a moment then said out loud. "Being lazy and spoiled won't help you when your in danger."

Copyright 1995, Noah Fregger. All rights reserved.

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