Lucky and Me
Barbara E. Foley

Time to leave for work,
but I know Lucky, my housemate's cat,
lurks outside my bedroom door.

She loves to be in my room,
a "No Cats Allowed" room.
She darts in whenever she gets a chance.
Today is no exception.

I yell, " Lucky, I donít have time for this!"
But already she's under the bed.
Down on my hands and knees I go,
peering under the bedspread.

Sure enough she's found her niche,
just beyond my reach.
"Lucky, you come out from under there right now!"
I yell, but, of course, she ignores me.

I go around to the other side of the bed,
scoop her up into unfriendly arms,
and hastily give her a brisk toss out the front door.
She glares at me defiantly, and I glare back.

We both know she'll never give up.
Cats! I sigh deeply as I drive off to work.

Copyright 1996, Barbara E. Foley. All rights reserved

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