Sky Screen Savers
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The screen savers come with or without music.  The main issue is the download time.

Sky Screen Saver with Music (3.1Mg) - The beautiful music "The Lord's Prayer" is provided by HarpSong (Karen Almquist and Jennifer Grady) and is in their newest album "The River." You can get more information on their website.

Sky Screen Saver without Music (792K)

Sky Photos
For Your Viewing Pleasure

These photos were taken by Brad Fregger the CEO of Groundbreaking Press, the parent company of F&F Publishing. All photos are copyrighted by Brad Fregger, who holds all rights to their publication.

You are free to download any of them for personal use (please give credit to Brad Fregger), however, if you wish to use any of them for commercial purposes, contact Brad to make arrangements.

Click on the picture or the description to load the screen saver version. To load a bigger version, click on "Largest Image."

San Francisco View -- San Mateo Bridge

Early Morning Fantasy -- Crystal Springs, California

Rainbow Bridge -- San Mateo, California

Seagulls Above the Pier -- Santa Cruz, California

Morning Fog -- Grand Teton, Wyoming

Sunset Miracle -- Colorado National Monument

Evening Light -- California Coast Line

After the Storm -- Western Montana

Cotton Candy -- Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

Break in the Clouds -- Uray, Colorado

Clearing Morning Skies -- Grand Teton Wyoming

Sunset at the Garden of Eden, New Mexico Desert

Days End, Northern Idaho

Days End, Arizona

Copyright 1998, Brad Fregger

Harvest Moon Press is owned by Brad Fregger, CEO/Publisher of Groundbreaking Press