Star Walking
Barbara E. Foley

On this still and starry night,
Body walking, soul in flight,
My thoughts turn softly to you.

Is your heart happy tonight?
Your world all sparkly and bright?
Or is it deep midnight blue?

I gaze up into the night,
Filled with awe and sheer delight,
At this diamond-studded view.

Is it truly each soul's right,
to become just such a light,
Beaming its own special hue?

How my heart thrills at the sight
Of each twinkling orb of bright,
And I feel my strength renew.

Do you find this same respite,
Out star walking in the night?
And think fondly of me, too?

On this still and starry night,
Heading home and feeling right,
I gather stardust for you.

Copyright 2003, Barbara E. Foley. All rights reserved.

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