The Treasure Chest
Brad Fregger

"Feelings? What Feelings?" He said, "I've looked around and I can't find any."

"I've found this big chest with a large iron lock." She said, "If we work together maybe we can open it. We might find some feelings inside."

"What chest? There is no chest!" He said (a little to strongly)
"And, besides, the lock is too strong,
And the contents are too old,
And probably mildewed,

So the chest lay there, and the lock became more difficult to open with the passing years.

But, She learned to reach out in love and She lovingly cleaned the lock and was happy.

"A key! Darling, I've found a key!" She said, "It fits the lock on your chest. Should I try it? I'll be ever so careful."

And as He thought about the years She had lovingly cared for and supported Him, He realized He had confidence in Her,
And, He saw the chest for Himself.

"The chest! It is here after all." He said, "It looks old and fragile. Will you hurt it if you open it? I don't want to hurt it."

"I'll be careful." She said, "We will open it slowly, and carefully handle and share each treasure we find inside."

And She turned the key. It was easier than He had expected, but He still didn't know what to expect as She began to lift the lid.

"Wait!" He hollered, "Something is escaping--it tastes bitter; it's red and black and ugly; it's cold--and, I am shivering. I don't like it!"

"It is fear." She said, "I've seen it before; tasted it; and felt it. It is scary, but it will go away. It is not as strong as it seems."

She lifted the lid again. It seemed a mess inside. The surface parcels were small and jumbled.

As they went through them He felt angry, embarrassed, afraid. He often wanted to shut the chest, but continued to go on, as Her love and concern helped Him through the rough spots.

Finally, they got below and discovered an array of treasures they never knew existed.

The joy was viewed upon their faces.

He was awed at what lay there, sad for the years they had been hidden.

For the first time He felt Her closeness. He looked at Her and She was holding the most priceless treasure of all.

She held it out for Him to take, and He reached for it.

Love had come to Him.

"I love you!" He said.

"And I love you." She said.

April, 1981

Copyright 1981, Brad Fregger. All rights reserved.

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