Ynnell - The Mystical Princess of Yor
Brad Fregger

This is the story of Ynnell a mystical princess from the land of Yor. The land of Yor is a very beautiful place where life is usually peaceful and happy. The people care about each other in the Land of Yor and show kindness one to the other at all times. There is only good here, and no one really understands evil, in fact, evil has no place here and people do not make mistakes, and promises are not broken.

There is a wizard here, a very good wizard, who is the guardian of the Land of Yor, and of the mystical Princess Ynnell. The Wizard of Yor cares very much for Ynnell and has watched after her since she was a small child and came into his care.

Ynnell does not seem to fit into the land. She does not seem to understand the beauty and even seems to fear it in a way; in the same way, she seems hurt by the kindnesses done for her and she shies away from them as if they were hollow and meant to do her harm. She uses her magic to change the land, she turns the beautiful spring days into cold winter ones and withers the flowers on the vine before even the hummingbird has time to taste of their sweet nectar.

The Wizard of Yor was very concerned about Ynnell and spent hours talking to her, telling her of the beauty around her and of the honesty of the kindnesses shown her. He tried to hold her and bring back into her body the warmth and joy he once felt there, but all he feels now is the coldness of her heart, steeled against any love that others may wish to show her and that the world wants to bring her way.

One day, the wizard comes to Ynnell and tells her that she must go away. She is bringing sorrow and pain to the land, and the land, in its concern and love for Ynnell, is being destroyed from within in ways it could never be destroyed from without. He, as the guardian, must send her away.

"I am sending you to a place where you might be healed, might begin to see the beauty in the world and to understand the truth behind each kindness shown you." After a pause, he continues, his voice full of love and concern,  "It is a strange place where you must go, a place where good and evil exist side by side, where beauty and ugliness are both found. Where old and young exist and where death is an ever present reality. In this land people will lie to you and people will tell you the truth, and often you will not know which is which. But, worst of all, good people will make promises to you and then not be able to keep them."

Ynnell screams at him, "I will not go! I will not live in such a place! ... you cannot make me live there!"

"I can and I will," the wizard says. "To help, I will send your sister to keep you company and to remind you of the beauty in that world, of the sincerity of the kindnesses people there will show you, of the sadness they feel when they are not able to keep their promises."

"What do you mean?" Ynnell asks him. "I don't have a sister."

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