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Barry Silverberg, Director
Center for Community Based and Nonprofit Organizations
Austin Community College
Austin, Texas
(512) 223-7076

"You are at the top of the list of presenters for the Center for Community-Based & Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College." (Letter)

"Next time try harder" Effective Negotiations Seminar Evaluation (Austin, Texas 02-26-04)

Yousef S. Al-Halwani, VP, T&D Operations
(966-1) 478-1261
477-9446 Fax
P.O.Box 93401, Riyadh 11673
Saudi Arabia

"So far, you have provided training in Leadership, Team Building, and Management Communications ... in Tunisia and Dubai. The evaluations ... have been exemplary, with scores that top trainers the world over would cherish. You are, without a doubt, a world-class trainer." (Letter)

Charles Briggs, Director
Texas Commission on Volunteerism & Community Service
Austin, Texas
(512) 463-3249

"I am writing to let you know how pleased we were to have you as one of our workshop presenters at the annual Governorís Volunteer Leadership Conference ... . Comments ranged from 'great job!' to 'excellent presenter!' and included this comment: 'great speaker; an asset. Donít let go of a good thing.' Ē (Letter)

David Schofman, CEO
Frogtrader, Inc.
Austin, Texas

"...your advice, since even before we began FrogTrader, has been very valuable." (Letter)

Marsha Kelliher, Dean of the Graduate School of Management
Saint Edward's University
Austin, Texas

"As an adjunct professor, you have earned a reputation for delivering a quality course that transfers knowledge and builds skills that students can apply almost immediately." (Letter)

Steve Wagh, Founder
Brown & Wagh (Brought the Soundblaster to America)
Austin, Texas

"... I watched you, ... assemble a high caliber technical team and motivate them to produce exceptional results." (Letter)

Alan Scharf, President
International Cyber Solutions
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"The team at Dryken, lead by their Chief Product Officer, Brad Fregger, is one of the best I have ever worked with." (Letter)

Wendy Wheeler, Director of Marketing
PlanView, Inc.
Austin, Texas

"Just want to thank you ... Everything we wanted of the keynote -- that it be on target, thought provoking, and high energy -- was there in spades." (Letter)

Ken Coleman, Former Senior Executive
Silicon Graphics
Mountain View, CA

"Brad's enthusiasm is infectious. He does an excellent job as facilitator and trainer, with an excellent feel for the creative process." (Accolade)

Alice Deninger, 1999 AHRMA President
Austin Human Resource Management Association
Austin, Texas

"As the luncheon keynote speaker, you captivated the attention of over 100 human resource professionals with your anecdotes of how you creatively built diverse teams throughout your career." (Letter)

Speaker, author, and much more ...

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