October, 2002

Dear Brad,

I wanted to congratulate you on starting your own business, or should I say, restarting it.  As you know, I have been extremely impressed with your abilities as a communicator at every level, you speak clearly and without agenda whether talking to me as an individual, or to a group that has come to hear what you are so willing and able to share.

Additionally, as I have told you time and again, your advice, since even before we began FrogTrader, has been very valuable.  I am sure that others, whether they are starting a new company, or need some help thinking through a critical decision, will also benefit from your experience and wisdom.

I am looking forward to your continued involvement with FrogTrader, as both a trusted advisor, and as a member of our board of directors.


David Schofman, President/CEO
FrogTrader, Inc.
Austin, Texas
Phone: 512-247-7617
Email: david@frogtrader.com

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