Center for Community-Based and Nonprofit Organizations

20 February 2003

Brad Fregger
1st World Library
7600 Burnet Road, Suite 510
Austin, TX  78737

Dear Brad,

You are at the top of the list of presenters for the Center for Community-Based & Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College.  The two learning opportunities you have already presented have drawn some of our largest number of participants to that point and your upcoming session in March will probably continue to be on the cutting edge of our attendance record.

Your two sessions to date were powerful learning opportunities in their integration of skills, knowledge and experience.  In each case you fully engaged all of the participants and made a real difference in their understanding of the issues being addressed.

Participants in your workshop on Get Things Done commented in their evaluations, "I'm able to see how I can use some of the skills taught" and "I learned some interesting techniques for re-thinking communication & working with people" and "The speaker was very engaging, shared his insights and experience."

The participants' evaluations of your workshop on Storytelling to Change Attitudes, Perceptions, and Beliefs were equally impactful.  Comments included, "It was important to witness the powerful experience of storytelling first hand from Brad.  It gives us something to strive for" and "I have walked away with some practical information that will help me in this area."

Brad, I write to thank you for providing this public service and for being so generous in spirit by sharing your life learnings so that others --indeed, the larger community of Austin -- can benefit and grow as well.

With an appreciation borne of respect and admiration.

B'Shalom (In peace),

Barry Silverberg, Director

Center for Community Based and Nonprofit Organizations
Austin Community College
5930 Middle Fiskville Rd., Rm. 506.4
Austin, TX 78752
(512) 223-7076

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