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October 27, 2000

Brad Fregger, President
Groundbreaking Productions
25 Concord Circle
Austin, TX 78737

Hi Brad,

Just want to thank you for your wonderfully presented and perfectly messaged Keynote Speech at the PlanView User Group Meeting this October. Everything we wanted of the keynote -- that it be on target, thought provoking, and high energy -- was there in spades. Plus you actually managed to add lots of heartand inspiration. You did just great!

You may be happy to learn that many of the 170+ users, who were from Europe as well as the US and Canada, had good things to say about the keynote as well. In fact, one customer said it was the information of greatest value to him! And on the survey question on best presenters, which we use within the company to identify who's best to speak to large crowds, turns out you were the best ranked on that as well.

Some metrics:

Out of 24 presenters/events, Brad's keynote was #4 in overall rank, and #1 in best presenter.

Out of a score of 0.0 (poor) to 5.0 (excellent), the Keynote speech got:

Presenter = 4.50
Usefulness = 4.07
Slides = 3.97
Overall = 4.22

We had a very positive response to the User Group event this year, and your keynote was a part of that success.

Thanks again!

Wendy Wheeler
Director of Marketing
PlanView, Inc.

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