September, 2001

Alan Scharf -

"I'm happy to say that we were the first full install of Dryken's Storekeeper software, and we didn't present an easy challenge.  When we outsourced our domestic e-commerce site last year, we focused on the International site ( and the task of creating an entirely new financial, merchandising and customer activity reporting system.  To add to the problem, it had to work in the currency of every country we were doing business in (over 8 different currencies).  Additionally, our computers are in Florida while our e-commerce management is in London.  We had to do this at the same time that we were converting the entire e-commerce site from to, transferring the entire domestic business to our outsourcing partner, and, finally, we had to be up and running in six weeks.  It's an understatement to say that we were facing an enormous task."

"We had an early, alpha version of Storekeeper running in the IT department and with this great need, we decided to ask Dryken if they could deliver a final, finished version in six weeks or less -- one that supplied all of the reports that we were currently using in finance and merchandising.  They said they could...and they did!  Six weeks later, prior to the launch of the new e-commerce site, Dryken installed Storekeeper.  The installation took less than a day, and no IT resources.  It has been up and running for almost a year now, and the few minor issues have quickly been resolved by the people at Dryken.  We are dependent on Storekeeper for all of our financial, merchandising and customer activity reporting on our e-commerce site.

Additionally, since it is web-based with no compatibility problems, the fact that management is in London has caused us no problems whatsoever.  And, although Storekeeper was shipped with no user documentation, we did no little user training, and we've had to provide effectively no technical support.  Dryken really knows "easy to use."

The team at Dryken, lead by their Chief Product Officer, Brad Fregger, is one of the best I have ever worked with.  There’s no doubt that my job would be much easier if I could depend on all of my vendors for the service I received on a regular basis from Dryken.

Give me call...I'll verify all of this...oh, yes...Dryken hasn't paid me a penny to say this."

Alan Scharf, IT Director - CBS Sportsline

International Cyber Solutions

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