Steve Wagh

Austin, Texas

Dear Brad,

I'm writing this letter to wish you luck as you reopen Groundbreaking Productions.

As the former Chairman of the Board for Dryken Technologies, I watched you, as its Chief Product Officer, assemble a high caliber technical team and motivate them to produce exceptional results.  In a short period of time you helped change the vision into a marketable product enthusiastically embraced by clients.  

You exhibited an uncanny ability to explain the technology to our management team --- helping them understand what they were committing to. Finally, I want to mention the thing I most appreciated about you; your passion.  It is seldom that one runs into an individual that expresses their passion so clearly --- showing a true belief in the product and the team.  

While I have never heard you speak professionally, I have no doubt that your passion is felt by your audience, and that they go home with much more than they came with.

Good luck in your new venture. I am confident that you will deliver this "product" with the same excellence and passion as I witnessed at Dryken.


Steve Wagh

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