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Business and Consumer Software

Brad spent 20 years producing over 100 business and consumer software products, among which are some of the most famous in the world (he is the inventor of Computer Card Solitaire). During that time, he never had (for those of you in the industry who know how difficult this is) a single instance of "vaporware." He is even more proud of the fact that every programmer, artist, and designer stayed with each project until it was completed and shipped; this is what Brad calls employee retention.

Brad developed software for:

Dryken Technologies
Eclipse Entertainment
Publishing International

Business Software

Dryken Technologies

Storekeeper Enterprise Software (Web Based)
Promotion Generator (Web Based)
Supply Chain Module (Web Based)
Log Collector (Web Based)

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Consumer Software

Eclipse Entertainment

Jack Nicklaus 4 , Computer Golf (Macintosh)
Jack Nicklaus 5 , Computer Golf (Windows)

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Jack Nicklaus 4 , Computer Golf (Windows)

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Publishing International

The Summit Screen Saver (Windows)
Five Screen Saver Plug-ins (Windows)
Solitaire Deluxe (Windows)
The Dragon (FMTowns)
Ed Bogas' Music Machine ( FMTowns)
Ed Bogas' Music Machine Lite (FMTowns)
Seize the Day (Windows, Macintosh)
18 Seize the Day Plug-ins (Windows, Macintosh)
Heaven & Earth (IBM, Macintosh, FMTowns)
Steepia Lite (FMTowns)
Solitaire for Windows (Windows)
Ishido (IBM, Macintosh, Amiga, FMTowns, Unix [Sun])
Hometown U.S.A. (IBM, Macintosh, Apple II & GS, C64, Amiga) Pharaoh's Revenge (IBM, Apple II and C64)
Solitaire Royale (IBM, Macintosh, Amiga, Apple IIGS, FMTowns, Unix [Sun])
Reader Rabbit (Macintosh)

Byte Size Productivity (IBM only)

Word Processor
Home Inventory
Mailing List Plus
Stock Portfolio
Modem Software
Video Tape Log
Floppy Disk Log
Recipe Finder
Gift List
Coupon Finder
Asset Inventory
Index Cards
Hard Disk Log
DOS Shell
General Ledger
Personal Finance

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Pitfall II (C64, Atari 800, IBM, Apple II, et all)
Ghostbusters (C64, Atari 800 & 2600, IBM, Apple II, et all)
Master of the Lamps (C64, Atari 800, Apple II)
Transformers (C64)
Great American Cross Country Road Race (C64, Apple II)
Fast Tracks (Auto Racing) (C64)
Fireworks Construction Set (C64)
Hacker (C64, Atari 800 & ST, Apple II, Mac, Amiga)
Hacker II (C64, Apple II, Macintosh, Amiga, Atari ST)
Aliens (C64, Apple II, Amiga)
Murder on the Mississippi (C64, Apple II)
Shanghai (Macintosh, IBM and Amiga)
Portal (C64, IBM, Amiga, Macintosh)
Designer Pencil (C64, Apple II)
Garry Kitchen's GameMaker (C64, Apple II)
GameMaker Designer's Library - Two Volumes, Sports and Science Fiction (C64, Apple II)
Music Studio (C64, Atari 800, Atari ST, Amiga, Apple IIGS)
Paintworks (Amiga, Atari ST)

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