Covid-19: Creating the Need for a World Government
Brad Fregger

The Covid-19 “pandemic” is being used to create the need for a world government, ultimately a Chinese Communist world government.

The Chinese communist leaders knew that the virus was highly contagious very early on, and shut down travel between Wuhan and the rest of China. However, they encouraged Wuhan residents to travel to other parts of the globe, especially to European countries and the United States.

The entire purpose of unleashing the virus on the world was to catapult their economy into being the world’s largest. They were afraid that Trump’s economic success would make that goal even harder to achieve. They had to harm America’s socio-economic health and destroy Trump’s economy. Some powerful unpatriotic people in America are more than willing to help China achieve these goals.

The progressives, who wanted a crisis to convince people of the need for a controlling, socialist government, grabbed hold of the issue with both hands; as did the democrats, who wanted an economic crisis to destroy Trump’s chances for reelection. To this end they created massive lockdown regulations, which were essentially "house arrests" for most the entire nation. They accomplished their goal and effectively destroyed the Trump economy; actually, almost destroyed it.

An analysis, which was published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, offers a complete picture of the impact of Covid-19. The researchers estimated total Covid-19 cases (identified and unidentified) at approximately 52.9 million. This would result an actual death rate of 0.07 percent, significantly less than the flu.

All in all, we need to go about living our lives confidently. We need to stop the fear mongering and quit worrying about the monsters under the bed. Life is to be lived.

Dr. Michael Ryan, Director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Health Emergencies Programme, said, "What we want to try to avoid ... is the massive lockdowns that are so punishing to communities, to society, and to everything else.”

The reality is that lockdowns come with incredible collateral damage but appear to do little if anything to actually slow down the coronavirus.

The fact that we, and much of the world, are continuing the lockdowns, regardless of the massive proof that they cause significantly more suffering than Covid-19, leads me to only one conclusion. These lockdowns, and the associated fear, are designed to convince people that the only solution to their suffering is a world government.

The subjection of most of the worlds’ population to a highly controlling, potentially communist, world government is a nefarious goal indeed.


Covid-19: Creating the Need for a World Government

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