Defend the Vote
Brad Fregger

President Trump honestly believes that the democrats will do anything to win this election, he said,

“Every day we are hearing stories that are horror stories, absolute horror stories, and we can’t let that happen to the United States of America. It’s not a question of who wins, republican, democrat … Joe, myself. We can’t let that happen to our country, we can’t be disgraced by having something like this happen. But, there’s been a lot of shenanigans, we can’t stand for that in our country.”

What circumstantial evidence do we have that strongly suggests democrats have been cheating in elections at every level for decades? That’s what this presentation is all about, the evidence that points to election fraud on a level that has never before been imagined.

I support him in this fight and I hope the numerous investigations and legal battles, resulting from democrat shenanigans, finally ferret out the nefarious activities of the democrats. It is my fervent hope that we, the honest, caring citizens of America, will finally discover how we have been lied to and cheated out of legal representation for decades.

Personally, I estimate that the democrats received between and 8 and 10 million illegal votes in November, 2020; most of them stolen from Trump voters.

Defend the Vote

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