It's All About Trump
Brad Fregger

For over a month I’ve been telling people, anyone who would listen, that this shutdown was all about defeating Trump.

From the beginning progressive elites “knew” what was at stake if Trump was re-elected. In their arrogant, ignorant elitist minds they believed they were the only ones capable of taking the steps needed to stop the destruction of the world by modern technology, especially the massive use of fossil fuels.

They knew Trump would be a major block to attaining these critical goals; to saving the planet. But they were sure that Hillary would be elected easily. However, when the votes were counted it was Trump who’d won by an electoral landslide.

Since they believed this wasn’t possible, they "knew" that Trump must have cheated, they decided that they could not allow these results to stand, they had to prove he’d cheated, if they couldn’t find the proof, they’d make it up.

This resulted in four years of lies, misrepresentations, and innuendo, but to their horror, none of it worked.

I’ve been saying for years that progressives will do anything, anything and everything, to achieve their goal of world domination. Trump was the biggest barrier to achieving this goal, anything that stopped him was morally acceptable, and anything that kept him in power was pure evil. Including the 60 million that voted for him.

Now we can see just how far they will go, the total destruction of America is acceptable, any deaths and/or suffering is collateral damage.

There is no doubt, anyone who votes Democrat in November is either a fool or a Marxist determined to destroy America and create a socialist state on steroids.

It's All About Trump

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