The Progressive's Plan to Takeover the United States
and Then the World

Brad Fregger

Many have no idea of the Progressive Movement’s endgame. They have been seduced by the fantasies that the Progressives in Washington and the mainstream media (MSM) have been filling their minds with for years. The endgame is a world government ruled by Progressive elites, convinced they have been chosen to save humanity from the disaster of overpopulation and the devastation of catastrophic climate change.

These globalists are using these crises to convince us of the need for total governmental control; control over every societal function and complete control over every individual on the planet; what we eat, where we live, how many children we are allowed, etc. Essencially, the end of freedom and libery, the end of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Conservatives believe that a world government will only exacerbate these issues and cause even more problems. We believe that the human race is capable of resolving any issues related to the warming of the planet and the addition of millions of people. There will definitely be major challenges, but our (Homo sapiens) ability to adapt to changing environments and challenging situations will ultimately save the day. Conservatives believe that the end of freedom, liberty, the end of the United States, is not the solution. In fact, we believe the exact opposite, that an expansion of freedom and liberty to everyone, everywhere is the solution.

The Progressive's Plan to Takeover the United States
and Then the World

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