The Conservative Safe Space
Brad Fregger

The only safe space for conservatives and republicans is the closet. Too many people don’t understand the conservative view of the world and, therefore, treat conservatives as unworthy of attention or friendship. Therefore those holding conservative views are afraid to share their thoughts and opinions.

Conservatives believe that our society should be a positive influence on our communities, our nation, and the world. Conservative care deeply about America and those suffering in other countries but their ideas to create a better world for everyone are ignored or misrepresented.

Conservatives are well aware of how they are judged, they see it happening around them on a daily basis.

A woman athlete is attacked because she states a belief that it is unfair for biological men, identifying as women, to compete against biological women in athletic events. These two individuals and many like them find their views portrayed as unacceptable, even evil, and apologies are demanded while careers are destroyed.

A friend of mine had two close friends, a gay man and a lesbian woman. They did everything together. Then, during a conversation, she shared some Conservative opinions on a “sensitive” subject. That ended the friendship; they couldn’t be friends with someone expressing Conservative views. My Conservative friend had no problem with their lifestyles, but they quickly decided she was unworthy of their friendship.

Is it any wonder why others are afraid to share their conservative views?

Our society will not survive if those with opposing views are treated as pariahs. We have advanced, we understand there is very little difference between the races; racism is pretty much a thing of the past, except for those who use it as a weapon to defeat their enemies.

But, we have regressed in our ability to have intelligent, reasonable conversations with those who challenge our beliefs. I believe this regression is the result of the Progressive Movement, which is unable to accept the fact that there are other opinions, important ideas, and concepts, necessary for a society to succeed.

The Conservative Safe Space

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