Why I Won't Take the Jab
Brad Fregger

There are many reasons why I won't take the jab. I made this decision early on. I couldn't figure out why I needed to take the vaccine. All of the research I had done since Februrary of 2020 convinced me because of two critical issues: First, as a healthy 80 year old, with no comorbidities, the chances of my experiencing anything more than a serious flu was obvious. Second, I was very concerned about the lack of long-term testing; three and a half years of pharmacy school had convinced me of effective long term testing.

However, since that time a third, powerful reason has surfaced. Since the medical profession is well aware of the two issues above and, since there have been more Adverse Drug Reactions with the Covid vaccines than all other vacicines combined (see figure below), I began to suspect that the dramatic push to have everyone Jabbed, had an nefarious purpose. I won't suggest what that might be, because whatever it is I will not play along.

Why I Won't Take the Jab