Curious People & Controversal Issues

We are a relatively small group of individuals in Fairfield, Iowa, who are curious about a wide variety of issues. We welcome anyone with an open mind who enjoys lively, interesting, and challenging discussions.

Some of the Issues We Pllan on Discussing:

* Climate Change
* Second Amendment
* Domestic Terrorism
* Abortion
* COVID-19
* Masks
* Trump
* Space as a New Frontier
* Progressive Movement
* Immigration
* Trans Athletes

And whatever else the group would like to explore.

The Rules are Simple:

No arguments
Gain understanding
Be respectful
Challenge with curiosity

All opinions and beliefs are welcome. Be prepared for a lively exchange of ideas.

We meet on Brad Fregger's porch at 2050 Ruby Lane, Unit 1, every Sunday at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Brad's Contact Information


You can access Brad's bio here:

We Welcome All Curious and Respectful Individuals

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