An Outpouring of Love
Brad Fregger

Most liberals, including my brother Dennis (a professed independent) and my son Jon, (a professed progressive), can’t understand the immense outpouring of love and total commitment to President Donald J. Trump.

My wife Barbara solved part of the problem, “If all I watched was CNN and MSNBC, and all I read was the New York Times and the Washington Post, I’d think Trump was a Russian collaborator, a misogynist, a xenophobe, and a racist, too.”

Luckily Barbara and I supported Trump from the day on the escalator, therefore, we were never in the position to be seduced by the progressive media, we knew he was the only person that could save America from a Marxist, socialist state on steroids.

There’s no doubt the Trump is a little rough around the edges but most of the stories about him in the progressive propaganda machine (the mainstream media plus Google, Facebook, and Twitter), are either lies, misrepresentations, or innuendo.

The people love Trump because they KNOW that he is saving America from an awlful future. Saving the country we love, saving the Constitution, saving the Bill of Rights and bringing back a love for the Star Spangled Banner and the American Flag.

If Trump loses America is in for rocky times and the potential of the Marxist, socialist state that I fear, the precursor to a worldwide Communist government.

An Outpouring of Love

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