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Bryn Chernek
Barbara Foley

Ainsley Chernek

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Brad Fregger

Bryn Chernek

For My Grandmother (My Gifts to Keep)

Publisher's Note: In 1991 Bryn's Grandmother (Martha Fregger) told Bryn that she was sorry that she didn't have anything of value to leave to her.  Bryn was touched by the sentiment, but wanted her Grandmother to know that she has much of value to give to her, so she wrote her this poem.

In 1998, New Zealand composer, David Hamilton set this poem to music (for treble voice choirs) and the Opus Choir (Auckland, New Zealand), conducted by David, performed it in Seattle, Washington as a stop on their American tour; Bryn, who lives in Seattle, was an honored guest at the performance. (Download an mp3 version of My Gifts to Keep)

Choirs interested in performing My Gifts to Keep, should contact the composer, David Hamilton, directly.  His web site address is: http://www.dbhmusic.co.nz/

This poem and the story behind it can be found in Brad Fregger's book, One Shovel Full - Telling Stories to Change Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceptions.

Porch Songs

Publisher's Note: Bryn loves porches ... someday she will have that house with the big porch across the front and down one side.  In the meantime, she gives to us the dream (memory) of it, as it will be (is) in the four seasons.

Barbara Foley

Swami Dayananda
New Friend
Oh, Sedona!
Star Walking
Lighting Candles
Lucky and Me

Publisher's Note: This poem speaks of Barbara's relationship to her roommates cat ... she changed her mind when she met Pepsi, Brad's cat.  Barbie loved her, and misses her almost as much as Brad does. 

Tea Party
Wild Flowers

This poem can be found in Brad's book, One Shovel Full.

Lost Maples

Publisher's Note: Lost Maples, a Texas Natural Area, is very special to Brad and Barbara.  It was on a weekend here that Brad decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Barbie.  The photo was borrowed from the Lost Maples web site.

Fetching Mulberries

Ainsley Chernek

Poem 12
Ode to the Leaf
Dear Silver Teardrop
Seventh Grade

Paths To _____

Brad Fregger


Author's Note: For years I have written only one type of Haiku. This genre has a spiritual form, where the first verse reflects the infinite, the second, current existence (the world/universe as we know it) and the third, the moment. A famous haiku in this genre is:

The old mill stream,
The frog jumps,

A major difference between these haikus and others, is that, in my understanding, the discipline of a specific number of syllables for each line is forgiven; instead, the poet should write the haiku as elegantly as possible, maintaining a high level of form and meaning.

Oregon Moment

Author's Note: The photo was taken in the early '70's at our property in Cave Junction, Oregon. 

The Porch

Author's Note: Written for my daughter Bryn as celebration of her 35th birthday...I love you, Bryn.

Love Haiku

The following haiku follow the same spiritual form, however, they all have the same theme, the love between two people.

Missing You
Two Souls
Two Spirits

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