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Brad gives several speeches and keynote addresses in an engaging and enthusiastic manner. Please contact Agent Partners to schedule Brad for your next event.

Luncheon & Dinner Talks
Other Keynotes
Speeches - a Futurist's Perspective

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Luncheon & Dinner Talks

Brad may be the CEO of Groundbreaking Press, an author-services book publishing company providing, he may have served on the Board of other successful companies, and he may be an adjunct professor for the Department of Management at Texas State, but ... ask him, and he'll tell you, "I'm a storyteller."

Brad uses stories in everyway they can possibly be used, to entertain, to teach, and to change attitudes, beliefs and perceptions. Brad's stories are real, taken from his own experiences, and relevant to the specific needs of the people he's talking to; you won't find a single second-hand story in any of Brad's talks.

The Art of Project Management - The Critical Importance of Effective Leadership to Successful Project Management
The Publishing Revolution - How the Digital Revolution is Changing Book Publishing, a Boon for Authors
Embracing the Unexpected - Surprises, Luck, and Intuition in Business and Life
Reinventing Yourself - Out of Work and Over Qualified - A New Beginning
Stories from One Shovel Full - Telling Stories to Change Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceptions
Stories from Get Out of the Way! - Effective Leadership vs. Traditional Management
Stories from My Thinking Cap - A Different Look at Global Crisis Issues
Stories from Lucky That Way - Stories of Seizing the Moment While Creating the Games Millions Play

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Other Keynotes

The Internet's Technical Challenge -- How to Successfully Manage Internet Technology
Computer Entertainment - How It All Began

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Speeches - a Futurist's Perspective

Brad got his Master's in Futuristics (societal futures) from San Jose State University in 1980. The following speeches come from both his life experiences and the knowledge he gained from his academic pursuits.

The Internet Revolution - Where Is It Going?
Business in the 21st Century -- How the Coming Changes Will Impact the Way We Do Business
The Future is Now! -- A Perspective on the Future and Getting There in One Piece

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