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Books & Essays

Brad has been writing essays and books for many years and includes the more relevant books here, some derived from previous essays.

His first book, Lucky That Way, was written the summer of 1998 and published that November. Then during a concentrated five-month period from November of 2001 till March of 2002, he wrote his next two books, One Shovel Full and Get Things Done.

One thing Brad discovered, as a publisher who has spoken with hundreds of authors and published over 100 books and worked with 36 authors in the past 20 years, is that every author has their own process for writing, that there is no "right way" to write a book. Below is a statement that Brad wrote concerning his process and how his second and third books were written.

"I started out to write a book about storytelling and the power it had to change people's attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. My writing process involves waking up sometime between three and six a.m. with the next chapter in mind. I go to the computer and spend the next four to five hours pounding it out. Well, I noticed fairly quickly that not all the chapters I was writing fit into a book on storytelling ... it turned out I was writing two books at the same time. I never knew when I woke up which book the next chapter would fit into. As it turned out I finished them both in the same week."

In the summer and fall of 2008 Brad wrote his fifth and sixth books, My Thinking Cap and Get Out of the Way!

In 2011 Brad got frustrated with Stephen Hawking who had categorically stated that there was no God because (paraphrased), "nothing existed prior to the Big Bang." He inspired Brad to write, Why Does Anybody Believe in God; an Essay on Creation. In this book he provides a scenario where God could easily exist as the Universal Consciousness, even though he may not have existed prior to the Big Bang. He also discusses parallel universes and the Theory of Evolution.

Finally, Brad had taught business communications at Texas State University (San Marcos, Texas), for a decade and Career Management for the MBA program at Maharishi International University (Fairfield, Iowa) for two years. Both of these courses solidified his approach to career change and finding your work; what you were born to do, your passion. In 2019 he wrote The Sky’s the Limit where he describes, in detail, his maverick approach to the process.

One of Brad’s greatest interests is the future of humanity. Brad believes that Earth will experience another extinction-level event (ELE) and humanity may become extinct. Therefore, in order to assure the survival of one of (the only?) technological species in the Galaxy, we must become a spacefaring race. This will have an extremely positive impact on our planet, Earth will become sacred, much like Mecca is to the Muslims, cared for with love and reverence. Brad has written a Humanity’s Future Trilogy: Book One: Sky Is Falling Theories; Book Two: Society's Image of the Future and Socioeconomic Health; Book Three: Venturing Beyond Earth.

Brad is currently working on an autobiography, A Surprising Life - Stories from My Journey.

Speaker, author, and much more ...

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